About Us

GREATSCOPE CONSULTING is an organization that 'provides high quality, well researched training, coaching & consulting services for personal & organizational excellence.

Started in 2003, we offer our expertise in all areas of People Development. Our core team has hardcore experience in Direct Sales, Channel Management, Consulting, Change Management, Leadership Development, Culture Sensitization, Language Improvement, Customer Service, Performance Management & Turnaround Strategies.


At GREATSCOPE CONSULTING, we don’t believe in a problem-oriented approach. Instead we always strive for a solutions-focused approach, using cutting –edge tools like NLP, adult learning & cognitive science.


Greatscope Consulting

We never use a ‘sage-on- the-stage’ approach in our training, coaching or consulting.

Instead, the ‘guide-at- the-side’ is commonly used in everything we do. We make sure your people walk out from every learning interaction feeling fantastic & capable.


Hiring a ‘freelancer’ may be cheaper in the short run. But if you are looking for a uniform roll-out of training across all your locations ( Pan India or Global) then Greatscope Consulting is your best bet. This will relieve your HR/ training co- coordinator from the task of managing multiple agencies. Also, our review system will help in effective transfer of learning from classroom to workplace.