Corporate Training
We have designed programs for all levels in your organization. Given below is a list of some of our programs. Read E = Employee , M = Mid-level leaders & S = Senior Managers. The content & delivery for different groups will vary based on the need. All programs can be customized.

  • PEP- Professional Effectiveness Program
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • English Enhancement Program
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Powerteam- the teamwork program
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation & Conflict management
  • Cross Culture Sensitization
  • Managing Major Clients
  • Early Leaders Program
  • LION – Leadership in Action
  • Goal Setting & Achievement
  • NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Resource Optimization
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • De-Stress: the stress management program
  • PowerHire: Effective Interviewing for managers
  • Time & Task management
  • Vision, Mission & Objectives
  • Motivation & Morale Building
All programs can be customized for your specific needs. Given below are brief details of some of the programs.

PowerTeam : The team building program; One of our very popular programs. The Powerteam program is an exciting, outdoor & indoor program which has a lot of fun-based & highly energetic activities that foster excellent teamwork. It helps participants learn different aspects of teamwork like team communication, team co-ordination, competitiveness & team leadership.

The NLP Experience : NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the science & art of human excellence. It is a new age science that helps you understand how your mind works, how your values, beliefs & past memories affect your behavior & results. It is a methodology for achieving rapport, influencing others & achieving excellence in thought & action. crucial for managers to learn NLP. Check for more details. EEP – English Enhancement program: The language of business is English & India boasts of the largest pool of non-native, ‘English’ speaking people. Yet most of the English spoken is grammatically poor & incomprehensible to native English speakers in the UK & USA. The EEP will help to noticeably improve the spoken & written English of your employees at every level. The result – your employees are more confident & your client is very happy! PEP – The Professional Effectiveness Program: “PEP” is a very popular program with many of our clients. It covers most aspect of professional development of the employee; like effective communication, teamwork, the right work attitudes, problem solving etc. It is recommended as the first program for any organization that wants to start the training process. Creativity & Innovation: Successful organizations thrive on creativity. And the myth that creativity cannot be learnt is busted here! This program helps participants to identify & deal with the barriers to creativity, learn how creativity can be nurtured & how to innovate. It has an exciting innovation project for all participants at the end. LiON™ – Leadership in Action: Management is ‘handed down’ , but leadership is ‘earned up’ . This means that your superiors make you a manager but you have to earn your title as a leader from your subordinates. The LiON™ workshop teaches managers how to avoid the ‘Activity trap’ & go for results rather than merely maintaining activity. Participants also learn how to mentor juniors & develop a second line of leadership. ( note: a version called SLAM – Sales Leadership And Management is conducted for sales managers) Negotiation & Conflict Management : The commonly held idea is that you have to defeat your opponent in negotiation. In this age of making & ‘keeping’ customers, this ‘win-lose’ approach to negotiation will not help. The negotiation Skills program will help participants understand the things that affect negotiation, their personal influencing styles & methods to handle tricky negotiators & work towards ‘Win-Win’ negotiation.

Culture Sensitization: The world is getting smaller. We live & work in a diverse world. Our differences must create an opportunity for us to understand & work with each other. The aim of the culture sensitization program is to enhance the understanding and communication between people of different cultures & to enable them to connect & work with each other more effectively. Using the Hofstede™ model, it would provide a basic framework to understand the opportunities and challenges of working in a diverse world. It will aim to understand the concept of cultural stereotyping, prejudices and misunderstandings, and more importantly aim at enhancing ones sensitivity to diverse cultures.